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There is a creative side in each one of us.
Learn the art skills and find the ARTIST in YOU.

The studio offers art lessons for ages 5 and up with small group sessions, and 4 locations to pick from. Experience the process of art in a joyful and creative environment.
Email: artinmestudio@gmail.com
Call: 703-463-9265

Welcome to talent pool. Enjoy!

Be a part of Art in Me

Kids Classes

Adult Classes

Design and Creative thinking lessons

Summer Camps

Portfolio (High School students)

Science with Art

Birthday Parties

Why art in me

Small Group Lessons

To promote individual  development & focused learning group size is  limited to 5 students.

Teaching Method

Step by step easy to grasp art instructions, for  drawing, coloring and painting.

Art and Design project

Projects for developing creative thinking & problem solving skills.

Learning Environment

The studio strives to create a fun, interactive and non competitive environment where students can develop their own art style.

Social Responsibility

Once every month students work on Mix Media art projects using recycled materials.  Students are also encouraged to voice their opinion or come up with solutions for Social cause, through the medium of art and design.

Upcoming classes and events

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Parents Testimonials

"Art In Me Studio is absolutely amazing, well organized and extremely nurturing to her budding artists. My little artist finds art relaxing and stress alleviating. It is his most favorite weekly activity. Highly recommend art classes with Girija."
Chhavi Anand
Girija is a fabulous instructor and positive role model for my middle school son. He has grown in his technique and confidence through her guidance and teachings and can't recommend Art In Me enough!
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